Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fearless Living in a Fearful World

Does fear get in the way of your reaching your personal and professional mission? In this month's Purpose Newsletter, learn how to move beyond the fear to achieve your personal greatness. You can read the article at my website.

Do you have a story about how you have overcome fear? Tell us about it.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Job satisfaction is at a record low. As I wrote in my recent newsletter (available at, this can be caused by a mis-match in skills, values, the company as well as job uncertainty. A key way to find the career of your dreams is to closely examine your skills, interests, values, strengths, and personality. What emerges?

So, tell you have the "perfect job" for you? If so, why is it great? If not, what would you be doing in your "best life"?


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Are You Sharing Your Music?

In my November newsletter, I asked "Are You Sharing Your Music?" (Go to my website to read the full article). Tell us about your music; your special skills, abilities, passions? How are you sharing your music with the world?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Is July 4th YOUR Independence Day?

As a personal and professional coach, I work with clients who are often trying to make the leap from where they are to where they want to be. There is often something "holding them back". We work and work and work together to identify what that something is, then create and execute strategies to remove that barrier. Then, VICTORY!

What's holding you back in your life? Have you overcome it? Have you achieved your divine greatness? Tell us your success stories! Have advice for others who are trying to "break through"?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is your resume working as hard as you are?

Most of us agree that a resume is often what gets us past the front door and into an interviewer's office. Yet, we often resort to resumes that rely on an overused template or that are created by a well-meaning friend.

Granted, there are many components of an effective job search. Having a top-notch resume is key. Does your resume work for you? Is it helping you get into the interviewer's office? Here are seven tips to help you polish your resume so that it is helping you get the interview you deserve:

1. Know what type of job you're going for before writing your resume. Make sure your vision comes through on your resume.

2. Know all about the job you're applying for. Make sure your resume speaks to the employer's needs (read the job advertisement carefully for this information).

3. Make sure the resume is concise while effectively telling your story. Be sure the job titles and job descriptions you list on the resume clearly state what you did (use action verbs), how you did it, and the success you had.

4. Make sure the resume is truthful. You should be able to back up anything you say in your resume.

5. Make sure the resume highlights your key selling points. There are several resume formats. Be sure to choose the one that points out your strengths and downplays your shortcomings.

6. Tailor your resume to the organization you are trying to reach. Some resume experts warn against using graphics. I say if you're going for a graphic artist position (or some other creative job), show your creativity in your resume. If you're going for a bank president position, however, your resume might want to have a more conservative look .

7. Proofread...proofread...proofread. Then, have a friend proofread.

I am a personal and professional coach. I work with clients who are reinventing their careers. If you or anyone you know needs help with their career search, please contact me.

Best wishes on your search!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Moving Your Life Forward with Effective Boundaries

Do any of the following statements ring true for you?

- I feel overworked. There is not enough time in the day.

- I’ll never reach my goal of ____. There are just too many other things (or people) competing for my attention.

- My energy is “zapped” after spending time with John.

- Ian regularly makes comments that hurt my feelings and affect my mood for the rest of the day (or week, or month). I don’t know what to do.

Do you ever feel like another person or situation is holding you back from living your best life? Whether you are pursuing personal goals such as finding peace and happiness in your life or professional goals such as starting a new career, a new business, or becoming a better leader, you want to be successful. We all want to move our lives toward our vision and achievement of our goals. Sometimes, however, this forward movement gets stalled (or at least slowed down) by hurdles that we encounter.

Some of these hurdles are actually gaps, such as a skill, financial, or commitment gap, for which we need to identify a bridge (e.g, training, a financial plan, etc.). But often, these hurdles are actually things that distract us (sometimes even paralyze us) from moving our lives forward. These distracters might be projects with unreasonable timeframes or the unhealthy behavior of people in our lives. The impact they can have on our lives can range from being a minor inconvenience to being hurtful to paralyzing us as we try to move our personal and professional lives forward.

If you have made statements like the ones above (either “out loud” or internally), your life might be affected by a distracter. So, what do you do? One of the most effective ways to neutralize these distracters in your life is to create healthy and effective boundaries.

Want to know more? Click here to download my free “Drawing Effective Personal Boundaries” tool. It’s absolutely free for all my subscribers to use and to share with their friends. Start moving your life forward by creating effective boundaries today.

Boundary Talk

Are there areas in your life that would benefit from better boundaries? Have you created a good boundary and it made your life better? Tell our community about it!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year's Resolution or Revolution? Five steps to creating the shift and making 2009 your best year ever!

by Bradley Davidson, MS - Your Life Purpose Coach

Each year, after the holidays have passed and the New Year has begun, many of us remember the New Year’s Resolutions we created just a few weeks before and feel disappointment and frustration because we have already broken them. Many of those resolutions were great goals, such as losing weight, exercising, organizing your home, or returning to school. But despite the best of intentions, we often let a lack of focus on what we really want prevent us from making true shifts in our lives. We make resolutions instead of creating positive revolutions in our lives.

This year, will you create another resolution or are you prepared for a New Year’s Revolution in your life? Those who simply set goals are goal-setters. However, those who create a meaningful vision and work to realize the vision are the people who revolutionize their lives. How do you make the shift from being a goal “setter” to creating a positive revolution for yourself? Here are five steps to help you make that shift.

Create a vision that reflects what you really want and are created to do in life. A vision is simply what you see and dream of yourself doing or being in the future. Many of us create a lot of goals that are a result of “shoulds” in our life (for example, “I should get organized, should start saving money, etc.”). Instead, carefully consider what you really want and are created to do in life; what is your life’s dream and life’s true purpose? Casting a vision that is aligned with what you are created to do and what you really want will help you keep the momentum long after the New Year’s ball has dropped.

How do you identify a vision that truly reflects what you want and were created to do? Start by making a list of your true values (what do you hold most important in life), your talents and skills, your deepest needs, and what makes you spiritually fulfilled. Then, spend some time en-vision-ing what you would be doing if you were living your values, utilizing your skills, living a spiritually fulfilled life, and getting your needs met.

Reflect on what has brought you success in the past. As you think about the “how” of achieving your vision, think back to what you are most proud of in your life. What has been your life’s greatest moment? How did that moment make you feel? What made that moment great? What did you do that caused you to be able to achieve that great moment? Now, identify how you can apply what you did to achieve that past success to help you achieve the vision you just created. Applying our greatest skills, competencies, and assets to our vision helps ensure success.

Build a plan. Identify what is standing between where you are now and where you want to be (your vision). Using the reflections about what brought you success in the past, build a step-by-step plan to help you close that gap between where you are and where you want to be to live your vision. Set specific action goals with target dates. Make sure these goals are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and has a Time-table.

Create accountability for yourself. Identify ways to hold yourself accountable for executing your plan and reaching your goals. Create “ticklers” in your calendar system, enlist a close friend or family member to remind and encourage you, and create rewards for yourself when you reach milestone steps or goals. If you stumble, don’t beat yourself up. Instead ask, “what did I learn from that setback?” and move forward.

Celebrate your achievements. Share your vision with friends and family. Have fun on your journey. Celebrate the achievements.

Ready for the greatest year of your life? Dream big, create a plan, and execute. Have a happy and prosperous 2009!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

What Shape is Your Sail?

By Bradley Davidson

The headlines reporting our troubled economy and the bloodbath on Wall Street have sent shock waves throughout our communities. Most of us have felt the effects of the recent collapse of well-known companies, evaporation of retirement savings, loss of jobs, and political uncertainty. These challenging times remind me of winds blowing a boat at sea. Our lives are the boats in the brisk wind of change and uncertainty we are all experiencing. Is the turbulence of the world’s events blowing you in the opposite direction of where you want to go? Are you being blown off course?

An experienced sailor will tell you that a properly shaped sail (triangular instead of square) and the physics of “lift” will enable him to sail a boat into the wind. Wouldn’t it be great if we could set the sails of our lives in such a way that we could sail into the wind of life’s difficult events? Guess what? We can do it!

Think of your life vision as your map and compass. Your personal experiences, outlook, and commitment make up the sail that takes advantage of the “lift” of faith. We have a choice to make. We can either use a square sail (our natural inclination to be victims of life’s difficulties) and accept the idea that we will be swept away in whichever direction life’s winds blow us or we can select a properly shaped triangular sail (a positive, persevering commitment that builds on our positive experiences and enables us to see the opportunities - not the challenges - in the world), take advantage of the “lift” (our faith), and sail in the direction we were created to go regardless of the wind’s direction.

Leveraging the “Lift”

“How do I create the sail in my life that will take advantage of the ‘lift’?” you may ask. Here are some simple (though not always easy) steps to set your life’s sail to keep you on track:

§ Recognize you were created for a purpose – You have direction. Before we set sail, we must make sure our map is clear and our compass is operational. Each of us has been created with a unique purpose, or direction, for our life. This purpose is intended to create in us a hopeful future. “For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11. Study, pray, and discern your life’s purpose and vision. Prepare the map.

§ Identify the events in your life that prepared you for this journey. Everything that happens in life was designed to teach us a lesson and prepare us to live our purpose. This is the structure and fabric of our sail. Spend some time thinking about your “greatest moment in life”. Why was that moment great? How did you feel? What did you do that made that great moment possible? This is what you can use to build the sail.

§ Learn how to leverage. Spend time in prayer and meditation to understand how to leverage what you did that made you successful in the past to make you successful in the present and future. We have what it takes within us to live our purpose regardless of life’s situations. If we can only discern what made our greatest moment in life great, we can work to replicate that personal outlook, skill, or focus to achieve what is before us. This is your triangular sail that, combined with the “lift” of faith, will move your life in the right direction.

§ Have faith. In order to sail into the wind using what we have learned from our past (our sail), we must have faith. Faith is the firm belief in something or someone for which there may be no tangible proof. How do we have faith? First we need to ensure the object of our faith is worthy and will never let us down. Find a fellowship of people who have strong faith. Spend time in study, prayer, and meditation. A proper sail (your outlook and behaviors that will move you forward) and the “lift” of faith will enable you to sail toward your vision.

§ Make the choice and move forward. Author Stephen Covey asserts that in that split second between the stimulus and the response resides the life-changing opportunity to exercise choice. Living in faith is an assertive choice. Being controlled by the winds of fear is a passive choice. When faced with difficult times, we can either default to the passive choice of “c’est la vie” or take the amazingly empowering opportunity to consciously choose faith. Choose the right sail and take advantage of the “lift” of faith.

§ Don’t look back. Once you’ve set sail and you are sailing into the wind, stay focused on your purpose; your map. When you experience doubt or negative thoughts, engage in the practice of “mentally looping”; consciously refocusing your thoughts from the negative back to the positive direction in which you’re wanting to move. In other words, keep referring to the map and compass.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Now that you understand how to use your map and compass, set your sail and realize you have a choice, the next step is to make the choice and create the attitude and actions in your life to affirmatively live your vision. A life coach with a strong spiritual life can help you through this journey. Or, you can “go it alone”, following these steps and partnering with other people of faith on their similar journey.

Get out the map. Set your sail. Leverage the “lift”. Make the choice to move forward in vision and faith today.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Power of Focus

In my August Purpose Newsletter, I told you about my experience driving through a snowstorm and how the power of focus got me safely home. (If you haven't read the article, go to and click the link to read my newsletter).

What events in your life have showed you the power of focus? What times would a stronger focus have been helpful? Share with our readers your perspective on focus.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Step 2 - Your Life Purpose Foundation

Have you ever had a lofty goal in your life that was dashed by the "everyday challenges of life"? Do you every say, "I'll never move forward in living my best life as long as xyz is in my way?" (You can replace xyz by any number of day-to-day roadblocks and stumbling stones in your life.)

In the July issue of the "Live and Work on Purpose Newsletter", we are working together to build a strong life purpose foundation on which to build our life of purpose God has called us to live. Part of this work involves completing the "Life Purpose Foundation Program" to help identify how strong our foundation is and to help us build a plan to strengthen it.

What have you learned about your life purpose foundation this month? What are you working on? What victories have you had? Will you share them with our blog readers?

All the best for a great month!


PS-If you want to join in and find out what you are missing, visit my website at and click on the link to read my newsletters.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Step 1: Discern and Discover - What are you learning?

As you work through Step 1: Discern and Discover, what are you learning about yourself, your gifts, how the world needs you, and what God wants for you? Care to share?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Tell us about your life's purpose

In this month's "Live and Work on Purpose" newsletter, I invited you to share your life purpose with our readers. Your purpose and how you are living it just might be the inspiration someone needs to start their own purpose journey.

Won't you share?


Saturday, March 29, 2008

What's your vision?

In my most recent newsletter (by the way, you can read it at, I wrote an article about vision; the strong belive about what could be and what should be in your life and in the world.

My personal vision is "A world in which every individual joyfully lives their fullest, most authentic, spirit-driven life purpose".

What is your vision?


Monday, May 28, 2007

What is a "Life Purpose"?

Your "Life Purpose" is simply that; what you believe to be your purpose for living. Most individuals believe they are on this earth for a reason; to accomplish a purpose. However, while many self-aware people very clearly understand their purpose, many (if not most) others either have only a fleeting idea of their purpose or do not understand their life purpose at all. This is what I call "Living the Accidental Life".

Understanding your life purpose is critical. Living life without a clear understanding of your life purpose is comparable getting into your car to leave for vacation and driving aimlessly with no plans, no map, no idea about where you will end up. Aside from helping you live, day to day, with a mission, understanding your life purpose will help you leave your legacy; to leave the world and mankind a better place than when you were born. Those of us with a Chrisian faith also believe that God has a purpose for our life but it is up to us to find it through study and prayer. Understanding your life purpose is incredibly important.