Sunday, July 6, 2008

Step 2 - Your Life Purpose Foundation

Have you ever had a lofty goal in your life that was dashed by the "everyday challenges of life"? Do you every say, "I'll never move forward in living my best life as long as xyz is in my way?" (You can replace xyz by any number of day-to-day roadblocks and stumbling stones in your life.)

In the July issue of the "Live and Work on Purpose Newsletter", we are working together to build a strong life purpose foundation on which to build our life of purpose God has called us to live. Part of this work involves completing the "Life Purpose Foundation Program" to help identify how strong our foundation is and to help us build a plan to strengthen it.

What have you learned about your life purpose foundation this month? What are you working on? What victories have you had? Will you share them with our blog readers?

All the best for a great month!


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